I have found termites in my home!

Termites in Brisbane homes, Termites in Ipswich homes, Termites in Logan homes - We treat termites and remove termite infestations for all areas. If you think you have found termites then read below and contact us now

So you think you may of found termites in your home, well you're not alone. Termites attack about 1 in every 3 homes in Queensland, with damage caused by termites in Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan areas. Termites cause billions of dollars of structural damage every year and this is a big reason why your home and contents insurance does not cover termite damage.

Saying that, termites can be very easy to manage through correct termite treatment and termite proofing methods. Receiving professional advice, high quality termite barriers and expert termite treatments significantly reduces the risk of termite damage to your home.

Case Example: I was at a house in Brassall, Ipswich. The clients knew they had termites in the house for over 12 months but kept trying to kill the termites they found with regular fly spray. The problem with that, as I showed them, is that you will kill the termites that come in contact with that product in that area, but the rest of the termites will avoid that area and move somewhere else. Common Termite nests can grow as large as 2 million, so when you spray and kill a few hundred, you have to wonder where the rest are.

What should you do if you find termites?

First things first, take a breath. Termites are not going to eat your entire house in a night. It does take time for those little critters to complete extensive damage (however don't leave it for weeks until acting).

Next, do not disturb the termites and DO NOT try to treat termites with regular insect control chemicals. If you have broken into their workings, try and seal the termite workings with some tape so the termites feel safe. If you have already attempted to kill the termites with a spray or other pest control method don't worry, just make sure you don't disturb them anymore, seal up the termite workings to block out the light as best as you can without disturbing them any further. This will help for when you have a colony control termite treatment carried out by a profession termite controller.

At this point we highly recommend contacting a termite controller. Of course, we recommend our services based on our years of experience and proven results. If however you are not in South East Queensland, make sure you find a reputable company who specializes in termites (who is registered with the QBSA) and has been treating termites and removing termites for years. Remember, this is your home and termites can cause irreversible damage.

The termite control technician will come out to your home, they will perform a thorough termite inspection. From this point they can directly treat the termite workings with a product that won't just kill the termites in the one area, but is carried by the termites through the nest which over the next few weeks can poison the entire nest, eliminating the termite colony attacking your home (we call this a termite colony control treatment). The termite inspector should give you a detailed report on the current findings, point out any conducive conditions that can attract future termites issues, and solutions to minimise the risk of your home to future attacks, such as installing termite barriers or termite proofing.

Follow-up: Termite Control treatments carried out by us undergo a follow-up process whereby after about 3 weeks from the time we completed that treatment, we will come back and check to make sure the termite treatment was successful. If termites are still present, we complete the above steps again until the termite infestation problem is solved.

"How much am I looking at to solve my current termite problem?"

A lot of people think that when you have termites it's going to cost thousands - not necessarily. The termite treatment that I mentioned above is only going to set you back between $200-$700 depending on your situation.

Long term termite treatments using products like Termidor, Premise or Exterra can set you back more money but an important thing to remember is that these treatments are for long term protection, so if you do put a termite barrier treatment in place on your home, it may cost $3000.00 but that treatment could last you 8 years. That's $375.00 a year when you break it down. Plus depending on what company you used, your termite treatment could come with termite damage insurance or warranties.

Please go to our contact page or call us directly on 07 3201 2900 and have a chat with one of us about your situation. We should be able to give you a price over the phone and if we cannot we will organise for one of our Qualified Termite Technicians to come out and give you a free quote.