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Step One - Time

Quality pest control can't be rushed. You have to take the time to treat all areas of your home thoroughly. While some companies can be 'in-and-out' in under 20 minutes, we take a full hour to make sure we get every cockroach (and their eggs), silverfish, ant and spider.

You'll be amazed at the lengths we go to. We'll open cupboards, inspect cracks, treat into the wall cavities, and even climb through the manhole to treat your ceiling. When you call The Termite Man you get the most thorough pest control treatment available. This means your home will be pest free, and it will stay that way. We guarantee it!

Step Two - Chemicals

Thankfully, most pest control companies in Brisbane now use a range of safe (non-toxic) chemicals. But in order to save money (and offer cheaper prices) some companies skimp on the amount of chemicals. They sometimes even dilute the chemicals. They may as well be spraying water!

We use full-strength chemicals that are safe for humans and pets. And when it comes to dosage we follow Australian Guidelines to make sure your home is truly protected from pests.

Step Three - Experience

These days it seems almost anybody can put up a website and call themselves a pest controller. People can even buy a few cheap pest treatment chemicals from local Brisbane hardware stores. But that's likely to lead to disappointment. And lots of cockroaches, silverfish, ants, mice and spiders running around your home (and building nests in your walls and ceiling).

I started going to pest control jobs with my dad since I was kid. He owned a pest control business and taught me the trade. He showed me where to look for pests. And how to get rid of them fast.

He taught me about species like the Australian cockroach and how to find their eggs. He taught me about the German cockroach and how to get rid of their nests.

Since then I've continued my training and am a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. We're licensed (Lic. 1162150), BSA qualified and a member of H.I.A . (Housing Industry Association). So you can be sure you're dealing with a professional company that is committed to being the best pest control company in Brisbane.

Step 4 - Genuine Care

My dad taught me it's the little things that count. Turn up when you say you will or at least phone so the client knows what's happening. Always wear disposable slippers or remove shoes inside to protect the carpet. And treat people the way you like to be treated - all the time.

We're not perfect. But we try to give clients the sort of service we like to receive.

So if you want an honest pest control job at a fair price, backed by a genuine guarantee that all your pests will be gone or we'll treat the affected area again free, we'd be glad to look after you.

Call us on 3201 2900 or click here to book your pest control treatment.

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