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Termite Baiting Systems

A termite baiting system is a series of Ground Stations placed around the perimeter of your home. These ground stations contain a special type of timber that is particularly attractive to termites. Once termite activity is detected, a slow-acting chemical is applied to the ground station. Because termites are social creatures (they feed and groom each other) they pass the chemical along and soon the entire colony is eliminated.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering a baiting system:

Is It Really The Best System For You: While baiting systems can be effective, they are not ideal for all situations. Some termite control companies aggressively sell baiting systems because they require constant monitoring. This usually involves a monthly fee for the life of the system. It may be good business for the termite control company, but it's not always the best for you. It can be very expensive. We will only recommend a baiting system when we genuinely believe it's the best solution for you.

Type of Bait: As silly as it sounds, some baiting systems are ineffective because of the design of the ground stations. We only use ground stations that allow us to carry out inspections without disturbing the termites. If termites are disturbed during inspection they can abandon the ground station making it difficult to carry out treatment.

Bait Positioning: Ground stations (like chemicals) are expensive. Some termite companies may try to increase their profits (or lower their prices) by installing fewer ground stations than you need. To give effective detection and treatment we follow Australian Guidelines and install ground stations every 3 metres around the perimeter of your home. When a driveway is more than 3 metres across, we drill a small access hole and install a special concrete ground station. That's one of the reasons we can guarantee to get rid of termites from your home.